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Cedar the mudkip has always been an outcast, but she never let it get her down. Instead of swimming with her peers, she loves to play in the dirt and mud. She wants to be more connected with her ground-type roots, but her tribe only sees themselves as water-types, and everyone she knows sees earth pokemon as silly and useless. Cedar's hopes of meeting like-minded pokemon seem slim, until the day a mysterious desert egg pops up in her village. Upon setting out to bring the egg home, Cedar will embark on a life-changing journey where she'll meet new friends, face villains and hardship, and find roots she never knew she had.

Finding Your Roots is an Omega Ruby earthlocke told in the style of Pokemon Mystery Dungeons. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Game Freak, and PMD belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, and Chunsoft.

Trigger Warnings

Finding Your Roots is a nuzlocke comic and thus trigger-warned for Major Character Death. This comic is additionally trigger-warned for mild blood and injuries. Read at your own discretion!

Update Schedule

Finding Your Roots currently is on hiatus for the month of January.

Latest comic - Chapter 6, Page 38:

18th Jun 2021, 10:00 AM in Chapter Six: A Girl and A Dragon
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9th Dec 2019, 3:01 PM Site Updates!
Got a lot of work done on making FYR's comic fury site the new proper home for this comic! I've updated the site's home page to include information on the update schedule, trigger warnings, the comic summary, and the adventure log so folks can keep easy track of what's going on with the comic. I've also added the page Mirrors and Other Works. Here, you can find other places to read FYR and check out some of my other pokemon works! Hope you enjoy!